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Saint Jacques Way


                                                A TOP TOURIST HOSTEL

In the first stage of our facilities the rooms of our apartment are. The Pilgrim Housing has awarded the maximum category which grants the Assembly of Castile and Leon to Santiago housing path found in this community.

These are rooms with bedding for 2, 3 and 4 persons with shower and clean in its interior.

With that what we do is that so many pilgrims "Camino de Santiago" as people who come from a weekend are already young and adventurous, be in a place sufficiently large, clean and without excessive accumulation of people can sit in a hard day of Camino de Santiago or visit all the tourist areas exist in our country.

The price per litter in a room for three and four is 8 Euros and a double room is 10 Euros.

The rooms of our home also have:
Wifi connection.

Other services Housing offer:
Service Restaurant - Snack bar.
The public Telephone.
Parking in the outside.
Public park in the appendices.
On Spacious terraces.





                                             Hotel - Restaurant - Superior Quality Hostel EL PEREGRINO                          

    SAINT JACQUES WAY; Antigua N-VI s/n;  La Portela de Valcarce  -Len-

      Telephone +34.987543197;   Email:

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