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The Hotel-Restaurant "El Peregrino" is located to the west of the province of Leon and oversee the province of Lugo, in the itinerary "way` s Santiago. "It's situated in the N-VI, in kilometers. 419 and 50 to cancel Mr. Simple at 418 Speedway A-6 northwest Madrid-Coruña.

This location makes our customers of all types, travelers, pilgrims, local people, but that does not an iota of tranquility to the scene, has never thought of rest and good food. In all this, we add 5 km.

Balboa, where he began a most beautiful natural areas and mystical like ", The Ancares",.

In addition, we are commenting in the region "; Bierzo EL", a talking stage most abundant in Spain, where you can visit areas like Las Médulas so impressive, that was one of the most deposits or exploited by the Romans.

The tremendous work carried out technology for the extraction of the ore was a great destruction of the environment, but resulted in a large and spectacular landscape of reddish sand, seamlessly integrated with the vegetation of chestnut and oak, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

Nearby, we Carracedo the monastery, founded in 990 by King Bermudo II (gouty), and renovated in S. XII by Ms. Sancha Queen, turning to the call and to the monastery of Santa Maria Carracedo today.

In addition, can also visit near Ponferrada, Villafranca del Bierzo, Palacio de Canedo, Cornatel the castle and all the secrets and mysteries we leave the Camino De Santiago on his way by Shire.

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    SAINT JACQUES WAY; Antigua N-VI s/n;  La Portela de Valcarce  -León-

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