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                          New legislation governing CASTILLA AND LEON SHEDS

That the new legislation Regulation shelters Castilla y Leon is CYT/390/2009 decree of November 17, by which the decree Rule 52/2008 of 10 July.
The same, and to summarize, so we stay away unites everyone, fracture, in principle, both parties Shelters en: Shelter profit "sin" and shelter "for profit"
The Hostels "sin animo of lucro"

You can tell because in the accreditation council will have a single shell, are shelters which, theoretically, are intended to provide shelter for pilgrims, from a point of view, non-profit, it is say, do not make money with this type of business (should be former parish and municipal shelters). But that no longer exists, I'll pay 5 € to let you sleep, without encountering many technical and sanitary shelter "for profit" and not pay taxes on economic activity.
Associations as neighbors Camino de Santiago La Portela and others who support the rights of pilgrims and businessmen of the Way, is totally unfair that the obligation to pay 5 and tourism authorities should be established Castilian Leonesas Youthhostels law so that each pilgrim paid as they deem necessary, as it is non-profit.
Therefore, be careful when choosing the sheds with a single hull board approval, because professionals may or may not work on hospitality.

Shelter "for profit"
These shelters, which must comply with all applicable laws and to support shelters, all laws Tourism All health legislation, ..., quite contrary to the "non-profit" are those in which spoil details so that the pilgrims can have meaning, and especially a more peaceful rest of the world. In this type of hosting, there are two categories:


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