Tourism La Portela

La Portela de Valcarce is a small town that belongs to the town hall of Vega de Valcarce. It is a well-known town because in the past it is believed that there must have been the famous "portazgo de Valcarce", to which many documents refer.

There is an old smithy that is located on the banks of the Valcarce River, about three hundred meters east of the nucleus and its antiquity dates from the nineteenth century. It consists of several buildings set up on the slope of the valley.

In a higher position the house is located and to the side of it stands the set of haystacks, blocks and warehouses.

In the lowest position is the smithy, closed to the public although visible the exterior, which despite having the sunken deck wing retains all its walls, with work spaces, furnace and space under the channel of the banzao where the rodezno mallet.

You can also visit the Church of San Juan which is in the center of the village, Camino de Santiago route.

We leave you with some pictures of the town.