Medical Tips


What is certain is that we are making a greater effort than in our normal life and burning more calories, so we should not eat less or take advantage of the Camino to lose a few pounds; The food we have to take seriously, as well as the ingestion of liquids. We have already pointed out how to bring nuts, raisins, figs, nuts and chocolate, depending on the season: perhaps also bread, chorizo ​​and cheese.
The biggest problem we will have with breakfast, it is almost certain that where we have spent the night, if there is a hostel, we have a bar for dinner, but also that that bar, when we leave in the morning, is closed.
Breakfast and food should not be given more importance than they have; We must eat, but not be so strict with the hours; It's okay if we eat breakfast at 12 o'clock or eat at 5 o'clock in the afternoon; For that we have the nuts.
As for drinks, three-quarters of the same, we even understand that no canteen is required; The largest water-free route could be 15 km; What we have to do is the same as what we do with the car: refueling or drinking "full" water where there is, without pretending to find water when we thirst. Therefore, we must drink water, especially in summer, until we are satisfied.
However, for people who rush if they do not carry water, there are canteens-thermos that maintain the temperature quite well. Another more pragmatic solution is to fill a small bottle of water.
In addition there is water in all the towns, and in case of necessity you can ask in any house and we will have opportunity to know the kindness of the people of the Way. In the guide of services we indicate the towns that have public source.
In various bars and restaurants, there is also the "menu of the pilgrim", at quite advantageous prices and a certain austerity, which is how we understand we should eat.


From the first day of training, we have to pay special attention to them, because they are the ones who have to take us to Santiago, and if we spoil them, they will take us without any problem.
The higine and washing of the feet is very important; Therefore, at the end of the day, in case we can not shower, at least we must wash them carefully, and if we do not have water either, we should give ourselves at bedtime cream of salts, which relieves fatigue and refreshes.
To avoid blistering, every day before starting to walk, we will apply a little Vaseline, especially in and between the fingers, plant and heel.
Every day, after giving us the Vaseline, cleaned well, we put on cotton socks without sewing, if we wear sneakers, and if we wear boots, other than cotton, another pair of wool, also clean, no matter what happens.
Case of blisters, doctors do not advise you to understand that it is unnecessary suffering, but it is very effective; Burn a sewing needle to draw it, and pierce the blister with the needle in which we have previously threaded a thread, leaving the thread inside the blister to drain, and cutting the ends to within an inch of the blister.
However, in the medical advice of this guide, and by an experienced pilgrim doctor, it is explained in detail how to treat blisters and other foot conditions and so on.
Remember also that it is not advisable to shower before you start walking, especially with hot water and for a long time, because the skin of the feet becomes wrinkled and is more prone to blisters.
On the contrary, no inconvenience in terms of cooling your feet in a fountain or creek for a short time, taking care to dry them very well; The best way is to air dry.


We do not have to frighten our fatigue: as we walk the Path, we see the marvel of the human body. When at night we go to bed very tired, perhaps on the hard ground, we will find it incredible to see the next day that we are new; Rest has given us all our strength and every day we are affected less by miles.
Massages on our legs, given by ourselves, are grateful; On the other hand, it is not an obligation to rest only in shelters, at all times we have to do what the body asks us for, and if it asks us to rest, we do not have to lie down, whatever the time of day, especially after eating , In the shade of a tree, at the edge of a river, or wherever you can.
We must rest when we are not too tired to have a good recovery; If we get to exhaustion, recovery will be much slower and more problematic.
If we find ourselves very tired, we should even rest a full day a week. Burgos and León could be good excuses to rest.
It is highly recommended, especially for those who perform 30/40 km days, to take during or at the end of the stage, some energy drink that replenishes the lost mineral salts.
It is also very important to avoid muscle fatigue, drink lots of liquid and, as we repeat once again, the weight of the backpack should be limited.
The ideal is never to reach the limit of our strength.


In addition to the items listed in paragraph Equipment, scissors, tape, etc. .- or should know in order to bring the various situations that we can provide:

  • Sterile needle, which are used for injections, which can be reused, but NEVER EXCHANGE and used needles, strips, one or two dressings gelatine spray for muscle pain, pain type Paracetamol, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic (amoxycilina if you are not allergic to penicillin, or otherwise, Pantomicina) antifungal

As a cure a blisters

Once a vial is detected, one must first stop and a cure is to avoid larger and more disturbing:
  • With the needle puncture the blister and drain well to get to empty out. Pincharla only means through the skin by one or two points. Do not cut the skin, which will serve to protect the injured area.
  • Place on top of the bulb, and without a liquid, a piece of dressing gelatin (Geliperm, Colágeno Llorente ...) that will relieve the itching and serve as a cushion
  • Put a plaster tending to fit well, cutting if necessary.
  • When you finish the day, the priest should be lifted, and after washing the feet are dried thoroughly and will be in the same manner as described above, returning to prick the blister if he had returned to form.
  • The next day, before beginning the march, there will be a new cure.

As cure athlete's foot

The "athlete's foot" is a fungal infection that occurs between the toes. It is characterized by the appearance of cracks, painful or not. In any case, we must treat them
  • After washing their feet and well dried, apply spray Canestén between the toes and left to dry.
  • Once the Canestén drying, you can put socks, long cotton. Not recommended the use of ointments, because humidity is kept between the fingers that is taking advantage of fungi to grow.
  • The same operation was carried out before the start and finish up the day

As a treat tendinitis

Walking an average of 30 miles per day, and carrying a backpack, it is normal to appear tendinitis. If you go to a doctor, I advise you leave the road and you come back home to sleep. But this does not always have to follow to the letter, you must yourself be your own doctor.
  • The tendinitis hurt, so if you can not stand the pain, you have to take an analgesic type untarte Paracetamol and anti-inflammatory ointment to the area several times a day.
  • Where is the inflamed area, you can also take an anti-inflammatory. We recommend one tablet daily or Voltaren Retard Feldene, with a full stomach, or 1 every 12 hours of Voltaren simple.


As a treat muscle pull

Will proceed as above.

As a treat toothache

Whenever you see a toothache, it is likely that there is an infectious-inflammatory process in the tooth. If you go to the dentist in these conditions, you can not do anything, because it controlled the infection before it can be any manipulation. The pattern to follow is:
  • Begin to take an antibiotic, amoxycilina type (Clamoxyl or similar). The dose is 500 mg. each 8 hours of watch, not three times a day, even if it seems the same. The duration of the treatment, once it begins, it will be at least 10 days, although it has been checked before the infection. Of course, those who are allergic to penicillin taken Pantomicina also 500 mg. every 8 hours.
  • If there is pain, you can also take an analgesic like Paracetamol.
  • It is not necessary to take any anti-inflammatory, because everything will be resolved once the infection is controlled and does not get the stomach to the test.
  • Once you back, you should go to the dentist.

As a cold treat

That does not usually happen in the way because there is nothing healthier than the outdoors: viruses are specific to the cities.
  • Anyway, if you have colds and upset, you can take a Paracetamol. Does not mean cold, as it is sometimes irritate the mucous membranes of the airborne dust.
  • If you already know allergic, then you should be provided with what you normally use: an antihistamine or anti-sufficient.

As treat insect bites

No need to do anything, be it a horsefly or a mosquito. If you are sick or are very much sensitive to the bites, you should be provided with an antihistamine or an ointment.

  • For insect bites in general, there is something in pharmacies carrying ammonia, which is going very well
  • In case you were allergic to the sting of bees, do not forget the antiserum for at home, would not have the misfortune to encontrate with just one way.

As a treat diarrhea

Diarrhea may occur because they eat something bad or because they drink contaminated water.

  • In this case, even if it is a type of infectious diarrhea, it is best to rest the gut, not eating food. It is very important to drink plenty of water and salts.
  • There are preparations in pharmacies that take everything, but can also be prepared at home in a bottle and a half liters of water will be a lemon juice, one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda and will drinking small sips.
  • Of course, if there is such a diarrhea, whether or not accompanied by vomiting, is required to stay to rest or use the car for not losing colleagues.
  • Diarrhea may also occur if you have an intolerance to certain foods. In this case may be related to the ingestion of unboiled milk or eat certain fruits too: melon, watermelon, grapes ...
  • In this case, it's enough to know what it is and remove it from the diet. No need to do anything more.

Remedy continuously rubbing against the underwear or trousers

Walking by the continuous rubbing of underwear or pants, irritation may occur in the groin or anal area that can be converted into real wounds but is tackling the problem in time.
  • A simple, cheap and effective is to mix two fingers in a glass of oil with a jet of water and stir until the mixture in part two. Apply with a piece of Kleenex or toilet paper in the damaged area and leave it to take effect overnight.
  • The next day the pain and rubbing gone.