What should you do...


Another issue that worries the pilgrim before leaving, not knowing how the Path is, is whether it will not be lost.
Fortunately, we believe that the signage is sufficient, as well as the directions and maps provided by this virtual guide, at each intersection you will have a yellow paint sign, or a piece of yellow plastic hanging from a bramble, or even the red markings And white of the GR, very abundant in the Way.
It is also becoming fashionable to plant different trees on the Camino del Camino, Navarre, La Rioja and Galicia.
We are also "constructing" artificial paths, some quite right, from Leboreiro to Lavacolla, but, on the contrary, in the section from Sahagún to Mansilla de las Mulas, by the Burgo Ranero, we spoiled one of the most beautiful places, To build a "pilgrim lane". Fashion that has spread to many other places and where we have not thought of anything other than to make a firm gravel, so that it drains well in case of rain, but that constitutes a veritable torture for the feet of the pilgrim and insecurity for horses And bicycle wheels.
Already in Galicia, from shortly before Cebreiro, every 500 meters, you have a granite cairn that indicates the Kms. That you have until Santiago and the place where you are.
And we have, finally, the best signage, whenever it is day and the time is clear: THE SUN.
He will be our guide along the Way; In the early morning will give us on the left side of the neck, mid-morning, on the left arm and at the time of putting on the left side of the face, as the Path runs in a near perfect line from East to West.


It is essential to carry the properly completed Credential, which identifies us as pilgrims, and allows us to access the shelters.
It would be interesting that we try to get it in the different Associations, whose effects indicate the direction of those that are working at the moment.
In the place where we start our journey, we will certify the day and way we make the Camino, on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. Along the Way, usually in the hostels, we will get the stamp and the date, and once we arrive in Santiago, believing that we have traveled as little as the last 100 Km on foot or on horseback, or 200 Kms. , In the Pilgrim Reception Office that exists in the Cathedral, to obtain the compostela, as long as our pilgrimage has been for religious, spiritual or inner search purposes.


Certified in Latin, we believe that we have made a pilgrimage to Santiago, and made the minimum of 100 Kms (walking or riding) or 200 Kms (by bicycle).
Pilgrimage understood for religious reasons, or at least spiritual.
Otherwise, there is another type of certification that will also be given to us in the referred office.